Courses that study topics that pertain to performance or the understanding of performance.

MUS 224: Jazz Improvisation

This course is designed for students who have strong interests in jazz improvisation and performance. Students will expand their historical knowledge and listening skills, study jazz harmony in detail, analyze song forms and chord structures, enhance keyboard skills, learn to sing improvised solos, transcribe and perform solos from recordings, and perform regularly in class. Students will develop specialized musicianship skills with many assignments being individualized and project-bases.
Prerequisites: Music MUS 222 or permission of instructor

Instructor(s): Skip Wilkins

MUS 255/NEUR 255: Music and the Brain: Neuroscience of Music

Recent scientific evidence indicates that the benefits of music extend to the brain. Further insights into how music affects the brain may lead to new education methods and ways to treat neurological disorders. We will take a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the connection between music and neural function. By the end of this course students will have a broad understanding of research in this field and specific knowledge about brain mechanisms mediating music perception and performance. [H]
Prerequisite: Music 101 and others as appropriate to the topic

Instructor(s): Jennifer Kelly, Lisa Gabel

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